Gore-Tex Shakedry, the Spinshift jacket test: Eco-Friendly Gore-Tex!

The recent few weeks provided ample opportunity to test the successor of the Gore-Tex Shakedry, the Spinshift jacket. Throughout numerous rides on and off the road, it consistently kept me dry and comfortable, despite not being as snug as the Shakedry, without the need for visiting foul weather countries.

It performed insanely well in various conditions, be it in the unpleasant drizzle and sustained downpours.

What is the rationale for bringing a new iteration of the Shakedry? Eco-Friendly Gore-Tex – that’s the name of the game.

The Shakedry was famous for its comfort and ability to keep me dry, but its production involved environmentally harmful PFCs (perfluorocarbons). Yes, the Shakedry is still to be had. mind you Gore-Tex has stopped its production due to environmental concerns.

According to the producer, the Spinshift is free of PFCs, uses an ePE (expanded Polyethylene) membrane instead of the previous ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) layer, and incorporates recycled materials in its other two layers. From my part it is tough to prove, hence I have to trust the brand blindly, which I happily do, based on my trusted experience with the marque.
I am 178cm tall at 55 Kg so went for size S, the smallest one. And despite this size, the model was a far cry from being snug, compared to Shakedr. It isn’t a dealbreaker, however in case a snug fit is your must on your priority list, You will be slightly let down.
But, Gorewear has ‘strategically cut and positioned each Gore-Tex fabric panel based on the body in motion’ to reduce seams and weight and allow the jacket to move with the cyclist, so it accommodates the under layers/wears better than the Shakedry.

On the other hand, Its windproof qualities and breathability were so impressive that it felt like a second skin.
Frosty mornings and longish training rides aren’t a challenge either, provided some additional underlayers are worn simultaneously.

I have a long-standing experience with the Shakedry, plus numerous other Gore-Tex iterations, however, the Spinshift beats them all, in terms of features, performance, and general execution. point blank

The Spinshift excels mostly in keeping rain out and internal moisture management. Internal sweat accumulation is a foreign word for SpinshiftIts chameleon-like manner how the Spinshift goes about its business is hard to beat. Even in warm weather covered with harmless showers, the moisture transportation didn’t cause any challenge, despite a quick weather change.

The jacket includes a single zipped rear pocket tailored made for your sizable smartphone, or wrapped tools, and energy bars. Also accommodating: I could turn the pocket inside out to pack the jacket, even though I don’t prefer this method, given it’s a bit fussy.

The zipper can be opened and closed with one hand, plus the elasticated cuffs and waist ensure a good fit. As for safety, the jacket provides some reflective detailing elements that automatically elevate visibility in the darkness. night.

Are there any boundaries?

A highly intense training or racing can push the Spinshiftto hit its limits. So damp can be built potentially, mostly in cases of sudden weather change, or up and down running body temperature.
It sounds like a spin but despite its rather high costs the Spinshift provides better value compared to its predecessor, the Shakedry, and comparable brands in the high-end waterproof jacket segment.The investment is well spent, most of all if the jacket is supposed to be kept for a longer period.

The Spinshift is a higher-echelon segmented waterproof jacket that excels where it ought to excel: breathability, and top-notch comfort across various weather conditions.In case the environmental properties are essential to you, you are well served by Spinshift. Still, the Shakedry is an outstanding model, and in terms of snug-feel almost unbeatable.



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