Gepida Factory Store: Bike Shopping the Hungarian Way

Gepida’s first brand store opened 18 months ago in the vicinity of Móricz Zsigmond körtér. The Hungarian brand renowned for its electric bicycles offers the complete range of Gepida bikes along with a wide selection of accessories, and provides the chance to test ride state of the art pedelec bikes as well as conventional models.

The Gepida Factory Store is located under 39 Bartók Béla street, offering a wide selection of bicycles, as well as cycling accessories from Gepida, Topeak and other prestigious brands. All bike models are available for purchase, including the most recent additions featured in the 2019 catalogue. It is also worth looking at models from the present and previous years, as most of these will be found at a discount price.

On entering the store, a wall-mounted touch screen greets the customer, in order to help in product selection. In addition, it also allows the registration of the newly purchased bicycle on site. The Gepida Factory Store resembles much more a car salon than traditional bicycle shop: we can take a seat and relax in an armchair, while talking to the best bicycle trade professionals with many years of working experience. It provides the potential buyer with a chance to think through the bike purchase, to carefully consider the needs and potential applications, in order to find the most suitable model from the extensive Gepida range.

As we enter the well-designed and furnished store, we first encounter the most popular and advanced type of bicycles, the electric assisted pedelecs. E-bike sales are very strong in Western European countries, this year accounting to nearly 50% of all new bike purchases. Gepida is renowned for their pedelec bikes, and not only in E.U. countries, but as far away as in South Africa or Australia. These electrically assisted state of art machines are available for many different applications and riding styles, such as commuting in the city, bike touring and even mountain biking. Gepida is offering nearly all varieties of E-bikes presently on the market at very competitive prices. For example, a quality pedelec model will only set us back HUF 379,900 forints by choosing the Reptila city bike equipped with a Bafang drive unit!

Notwithstanding, Gepidas’s pedelec bike range is based mainly on the Bosch drive, which no surprise, since many of the elements for this industry-leading electric motor assistance system is manufactured in Hungary. So by choosing a Bosch-equipped model, we are truly buying a domestic product. Another factor which might influence buying decision is that Gepida offers a 2-year warranty on the all pedelec drive systems and lifetime warranty on the bike frames. In addition, if the owner experiences a problem with the bike, the warranty administration process might be quicker than with imported brands.

There is also the possibility to test ride Gepida E-bikes, for either a longer or a shorter period. The brand has a fleet of various models available for this purpose, all year around. Best of all, you do not have to go far to experience what the a state of art pedelec bike can do for you: merely stepping out of the Gepida Factory Store you face the rather steep Ménesi utca, immediately realizing the incredible benefit the technologically advanced electric support makes to your progress. Most riders will be convinced, and to further narrow the choice, the pedelec type and size can be sorted during a few short rides inside this the spacious store. There is no better place to experience what modern bike technology can offer!

Of course, the Gepida Factory Store not only offers bikes, but all the necessary or just nice to have accessories for a more enjoyable cycling experience. In addition to a surprisingly wide range of Gepida branded quality products (helmets, locks, lighting, etc.), the Hungarian manufacturer is also the distributor for the world-renowned Topeak brand, catering to literarily every need in cycling with industry leading innovative solutions. So whether it’s a pocket multi tool to help servicing and maintenance, a mudguard to keep you clean in bad weather, a pump to get you back to the road after a flat tire, lights to make you visible all the time, or bicycle storage devices to help make riding more practical, Topeak has a multitude of solutions to best serve your requirements.

The Gepida Factory Store is also the ideal place to find quality bike bags and other touring or commuting accessories. With youthful colors and trendy patterns, the overall look of bike can be transformed, while assuring that neither the rider, nor his or her belongings will get wet. The Dutch Basil brand offers such accessories (also distributed by Gepida) in order to meet all the requirements of everyday bike transport. Finally, there is also a wide range of cushy saddles to provide maximum comfort for both bike touring and city riding.

Even though the Gepida Factory Store is a genuine bike “salon”, it also offers servicing: the entrance is right next to the shop in the Bartók Béla Street. The qualified and experienced bike mechanics will find and repair every problem which may arise concerning you favorite two-wheeler, whether it’s a Gepida make, or one from another manufacturer.

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