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Rock Machine Gravelride CRB 900 bike review: Gravel to the extreme!

2020 saw the introduction of a carbon frame gravel bike called Gravelride at Rock Machine. There are two models in the lineup – the CBR 700 and 900 – both continuing the brand’s tradition of stretching the limits of bike riding. These gravel bikes are a bit different

Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc (2021) road bike review

Days after the new Giant TCR Advanced has been officially unveiled, we can already hand over our experience to our readers. How come? Thanks to the efforts of a more than willing distributor, I’ve had to chance to spend a few months with a pre-production version of the

Rockrider XC 100 review: 27,5″, 27,5″+ or 29″ – the choice is yours!

The Rockrider a household brand at Decathlon. For many years the French sport emporia used this brand for all their MTB bikes, parts, accessories and clothing, and will continue to do so in the future despite the complete revamp of the Decathlon marque structure starting this

The most asked gravel questions – single or double, 650b or 700c?

The most often asked question when shopping for a gravel bike is whether to go for a single or double chainring setup, likewise if the wider – but smaller diameter – 650b or the tried and trusted 700c tire size is more suitable for riding on gravel roads. In order to answer these

A Road Cycling Marathon not to be Missed! – Maraton Franja BTC City

It is difficult to recollect the experience we had at the Maraton Franja BTC City, a perfectly organized race with an impeccable course located in Slovenia, where cycling is one of the most popular sport activities. This spring we wrote about the biggest road cycling marathon of