Winter has arrived! – Here is a selection from Northwave’s cold weather cycling range

The pleasant autumn weather is unfortunately gone for good! The temperature generally dips below freezing at night and it barely rises above 5 degrees after sunrise. The cyclist has to put the summer kit at the back of the shelves, and take out the special apparel designed for the cold weather riding. The renowned Northwave brand offers a wide selection of winter quality cycling apparel best suited for weather conditions we tend to experience here in Central Europe. In the present article we made a selection from the vast range of kit offered by the Italian clothing specialist, highlighting some interesting models from its 2019 collection. Their quality cycle wear is guaranteed to keep you warm and protected all through this winter!

Northwave Extreme 3 Total Protection Winter Jacket

So, you decided to keep riding through the cold season? Excellent idea, but you should start your adventure by sourcing some proper cycling-specific winter clothing. An essential part of the apparel is a warm jacket that protects you from the harsh weather and cold temperatures. The Northwave Extreme 3 Total Protection jacket is a tailor-made solution to this problem, the hi-tech fabric keeps the cold out, and protects you from the wind and the wet conditions. Resisting the harsh weather is only one part of the story: this apparel also allows body moisture to evaporate, so you’ll not get cooked in your own perspiration. The H20 Flex membrane is guaranteed to keep the body at an optimum temperature, the 10,000 mm waterproof protection fends off rain so you can enjoy the ride. Comfort is enhanced by a special four-way stretch 3-ply fabric, the silicone an elastic waist gripper and full neck cuff keeps this fine jacked in place for complete protection.
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Northwave Extreme 3 Thermo Jersey

On some fortunate winter days there’s no need to wear a full-blown cold weather kit. But the summer jersey will not do either, so you need an in between solution. A good insulated long-sleeve jersey – like the Northwave Extreme 3 – is the answer as it can be worn on its own in temperature down to 10 degrees Celsius, and combined with a thin base layer even a few degrees lower. On the other end of the spectrum, you won’t overcook when the thermometer rises during midday. This soft-feel Polyester Thermopile® insulated fabric allows this long-sleeve jersey to be used on a surprising number of days, from early autumn to late spring. Though it doesn’t offer full-fledged waterproof construction, the quality YKK full opening provides adequate protection against the wind and in damp conditions, while providing the welcome ventilation on warmer days. The icing on the cake is the elegant modern design which we have come to expect from the Italian clothing specialist, which in turn helps to keep you visible in bleak conditions.
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Northwave Flash GTX road winter shoes

Nothwave Flash GTX

As winter approaches our roads tend to be wet with temperature rarely rising above 10 degrees Celsius. If you venture out for longer rides, start your base training for the upcoming season, you’ll need shoes which keeps the feet warm and offer adequate protection from water and wind. It’s no fun riding with wet feet for several hours, especially when it’s cold outside. Seasoned road bikers know this all too well! Northwave is renowned for its vast range of cycling footwear, and without a doubt they are market leaders in models designed for cold weather riding. The Flash GTX road shoes excel in keeping your feet warm for a few hours under damp and cool weather conditions. Cold-legged riders rejoice: there is a Gore-Tex’s Pique membrane to protect against water while allowing your feet to “breathe” when it’s turns dryer and warmer. The neoprene ankle guard prevents the heat from escaping, and moisture entering from the top. This is a versatile shoe for all seasons – apart for summer.
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Northwave Raptor Arctic GTX winter MTB shoe

northwave raptor arctic gtx mtb téli cipő

There are days when you need cycling shoes with maximal protection against the cold and moisture. This is especially true for MTB riding, as you may have snow and ice to contend with during many of your winter outings. Northwave put all their expertise in cycling footwear design into this extra-warm shoe model, the Raptor Arctic GTX protects from both the unwelcome frostbite and soaked feet. The special Gore-Tex Koala membrane paired with the neoprene ankle guard repels water and prevents moisture from entering into the shoes and insulates the feet up to -10 degrees. This high-end model features the most advanced Jaws Carbon Reinforced sole with a stiffness index of 8.0 paired with a natural rubber tread to help off-the-bike sections like slippery roots and mud. A high-tech cycling shoe like the Raptor Arctic GTX from Northwave will be a true game changer for most MTB riders!
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Northwave Raptor and Storm Winter Shoe Cover

If you don’t want to purchase special winter cycling shoes, there is another option: a pair of shoe covers will also provide good protect your feet from the harsh elements. The so-called “booties” are worn over the regular road or MTB footwear. The Raptor model is for the trails while the Storm fits over the slimmer road shoes and the appropriate cleats. They are undeniably an economical solution, and still relatively practical. The Northwave Raptor and Storm both feature a water- and wind-resistant Neoprene outer layer, an effective insulating inner liner and taped seams to delay water infiltration. You put them on by closing the zipper at the back, which has a reflective puller and seam. These “booties” fit quite snugly, they are actually more “aero” than the by shoe by itself.
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Northwave Extreme H2O Light Total Protection jacket

In the cool and misty mornings the rider is best-off with a light jacket that can later be folded up and packed into a jersey pocked or the backpack – when the fog finally disappears and weather begins to warm. The Northwave Extreme H2O Light Total Protection jacket has all the great attributes in its model name, as it provides effective protection down to 5 degrees, and the 3-ply main fabric has a windproof H20 Flex membrane for up to 10,000 mm waterproofing. In addition, it offers a four-way stretch to allow exceptional freedom of movement paired with BioMap construction for an ergonomic fit. It’s nearly as „aero” as a conventional cycling jersey, as well as offering the usual 3 pockets and 360 degree visibility for safety in dim conditions. No doubt a great choice for the mild days this winter, and will certainly come handy in spring and next autumn.
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Northwave Raptor GTX winter shoes

Northwave’s special focus is developing winter shoes which enable cyclists to enjoy their favorite sports in the cold weather. The Italian brand is a market leader in this segment, and last year they brought out a new version of their successful MTB winter shoe model, the Raptor GTX. Thanks to its GORE-TEX PIQUE wind and waterproof membrane is a perfect companion for winter trail riding. Since it offers excellent power transfer, it can also serve as an all-around cold weather training and commuting shoe. There is ample of protection from the Climaflex collar keeping out the cold and moisture, and there is all-day comfort thanks to the Biomap Aero Overlap construction. As visibility in winter is generally poor, the Raptor GTX offers 360° reflective elements as well. Whatever type of bike you ride, you’ll be pedaling comfortably with warm feet from now till late spring!
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Northwave Lightning Total Protection Bib Tights

The pants have a key role in protecting the working muscles and joints during winter riding. It is important to keep these body parts warm all the time, otherwise they may be suffer damage leading to injuries and sub-optimal performance – not to mention discomfort. The Northwave Lightning Total Protection Bib Tights offer extra protection from the chilly air currents, even when temperature dips well below zero degree Celsius. This excellent cycling apparel is not just a pair of ”glorified snow pants”: it offers full freedom of movement with 4-way stretch technology and a cycling-specific BioMap construction. It’s a high-tech garment with 3-ply hollow-fiber fabric and a windproof H20 Flex membrane allowing up to 10,000mm waterproof protection. Recommended for the +5 to -10 temperature range, the Lightning Total Protection can stand up to the most strenuous winter conditions. As a bonus, the length of the cut has been extended compared to last year’s model!
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Northwave Fast Selective Protection Bib Tights

The Northwave winter cycling collection contains many excellent bib tights, all with special features for specific needs and requirements. The Fast Selective Protection model combines a true professional fit with good protection and maximum comfort. It is designed for long-distance rides in the depths of winter, making it ideal for base training rides. First of all there is the advanced K130 pad to provide great support and maximum breathability. In addition, the BioMap construction offers an ergonomic fit. And when it comes to protection, these tights are to be sniffed at: the 3-ply napped main fabric has a four-way stretch, windproof H20 Flex membrane on the side panels as well. Finally the hollow-fiber fabric delivers heat insulation without the added weight. The Fast Selective Protection is performance-oriented model with a snug “aero” fit for the serious cyclists in mind.
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Northwave Evolution Base Layer

A quality base layer is an essential part of the cyclist’s winter kit. Primarily designed to carry sweat from the skin to the outer surface of the material from where it can evaporate, the Evolution model sports an advanced breathable fabric technology. It takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies that make our skin feel dry throughout the day’s cycling. For example, the specially developed Dryarn® polypropylene wicks the sweat and moisture away, leaving your skin dry, while the Meryl Skinlife yarn on the outside provides odor-free performance. As with all top-of-the-range Northwave cycle-wear, the Evolution Base Layer also features BioMap seamless construction with frictionless variable elasticity to provide a perfect fit, just as if it was your “second skin”. Flatlock seams are the icing on the cake. This high-tech apparel is a very useful piece almost all year around, but especially from autumn till late spring.
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Northwave Dynamic Cap headwear

Safeguarding the head is especially important in cool weather, as most of the body’s heat is dissipated from this region. Northwave offers different types of head wear for various weather and riding conditions. The Dynamic Winter Cap has added protection from the wind with good heat insulation making it ideal for winter riding. It’s also water resistant since the advanced Sitip Blizzard stretch fabric receives a so-called Acquazer treatment. In addition the front section employs a windproof membrane. The flatlock stitching enhances comfort to make the Dynamic Cap a “no-brainer” when it comes to winter cycling head-ware.
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Northwave Husky Ceramic Tech 2 socks

Many people do not know how big of a difference the mundane sock can make when it comes to cycling in cold and wet conditions. The choice of socks is much more than a fashion statement, as wet and cold feet can easily ruin the ride experience. Apart from heat management, they are also responsible for letting your feet “breathe”, allowing moisture to evaporate, hence preventing bad odors. Winter conditions put even more demand on socks, and the Northwave cutting-edge Husky Ceramic Tech 2 can stand up to the task. It combines the natural warmth and moisture management of merino wool with a so-called Resistex Bioceramic yarn that insulates and reflects back body heat to maintain warmth in cold weather. BioMap right- and left-specific construction allows unparalleled comfort, and the double elastic rib top improves ergonomics. Don’t let cold feet ruin your ride: you can pedal through the coldest of days comfortably in these excellent socks!
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