Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc – World Champion road bike with disc brakes!

Last autumn, we reported on the Specialized’s latest high-end road bike, the new S-Works Tarmac. The 2018 product development did not stop here, since there is already a disc brake version available, which is said to be just as good as the conventional rim brake version.

When developing the new Tarmac, Specialized aimed to create the world’s best bike frame, which is no coincidence, as triple world champion Peter Sagan deserves a true world champion bike. Considering the finished work, the design has succeeded, the new S-Works Tarmac is equally top-of-the line concerning weight, aerodynamics, efficiency and handling.

One of the most important features of S-Works Tarmac frame is that it provides the same handling qualities in all seven sizes, which is quite rare even with modern bike technology. The 49 cm frame designed for short riders and the 61 cm one for “giants” of the sport is very difficult to make uniformly rigid and comfortable, especially with the same ride characteristics. For one, the frame tube lengths are different, as are the forces exerted by the riders of such diverse statute, and so on. In order to make the Tarmac in this way, each size is specially designed concerning the base material, so different carbon fibres and layouts are used, which results in each frame having the same basic properties from the smallest to the largest size – naturally with the exception of weight, since they cannot possibly be made with the same amount of material in all sizes.

At the beginning of the tedious development process, the Tarmac was not planned to compete in the “aerodynamic” road bike category. Nevertheless, using the latest generation computer aided design techniques, the engineering team managed to endow the new Tarmac with the same air resistance values as the first-generation, aero-designed Venge model, becoming a true all-rounder for road bicycles. So it does not only excel in the mountains, but also provides aerodynamic benefits on the flatland. According to Specialized measurements, the rider can gain 45 seconds on the S-Works Tarmac compared to any other bicycle of the same category.

The aerodynamic advantage is provided primarily by the more stable and highly accurate front fork, and the rigid, but at the same time aerodynamic down tube that perfectly shield the water bottle. Based on the Shiv TT development, the D-shaped seat tube is not only comfortable but provides an exceptionally stable saddle position.

S-Works Tarmac is available in both disc and rim brake versions, because Specialized believes in offering a choice for the rider. Everyone can decide the brakes system employed based on his or her preferences. The American industry leader does not want to force either the new disc technology, nor the traditional rim brakes on the consumers. Both bike models have virtually the same aerodynamics and handling characteristics, so there is nothing to lose by choosing either. It all depends on which brake system we really want!

And we are still finished with the list of new features provided by Specialized: the “S-brand” now offers its own power meter, which will only be available on S-Works Tarmac. The S-Works Power perfectly matches the Tarmac’s intended use, and thanks to its carbon construction, makes it a light, rigid and extremely accurate choice for those who want to determine exactly what performance they are delivering. The crank-integrated device only weights 440 grams for the arm length of 172.5 mm, which makes it very competitive weight wise as well. For the time being we have not received more information from the manufacturer, but soon all technical details will be provided.

For more information about the new Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc, please consult with the distributor.


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