SKS-Germany – New Cycling Accessories for 2019

SKS-Germany is renowned for its refined bicycle accessories, and the German company is certainly not going to disappoint in 2019. They continue to offer masterful products developed to meet current market demands and trends. Great emphasis has been placed on the gravel biking scene with specifically designed accessories, such as mudguards and handbags. In addition, SKS-Germany offers a new foot pump and provides a wide array of quality mounts for electric gadgets.

We tend to neglect bicycle accessories, though they are just as important as the bicycle itself. Without them we wouldn’t be able to inflate a wheel, carry our various cycling items, or protect ourselves from the wet roads. It is hard to imagine cycling without these essential components, and there are very few people who don’t own one. Quality is a very important aspect when it comes to bike accessories since the market is full of less than adequate offerings. There is nothing more annoying than a tool or a component which does not work when it’s most needed. SKS-Germany products are famous for their high quality and thoughtful design, a perfect choice when it comes to dependable and functional accessory.

In 2019 the SKS range features dozens of saddle and frame bags, making it easy for cyclist to find the perfect solution. There is a wide array of attachments, and all models are easy to mount and remove. Apart from versatility, this also helps to protect against theft. SKS-Germany divide the range in three product lines: Traveller, Racer and Explorer. The Racer bags – as their name suggests – are aerodynamic and lightweight. The Explorer bags are more rugged and somewhat larger in size. The Traveler bags are the perfect choice for commuting. Some models have an integrated phone holder which can be detached, so the rider can easily carry the phone even if the bag is left on the bike.

The German brand pays great attention to details when designing each of the bike bags. For example, they all have water repellent coating, the zippers are laminated, so no dirt or muck can get inside. The “easy-zip” pullers are ergonomically designed and they are a breeze to operate even easy with gloves. In addition, the inside of the bags are orange in color, a clever detail to make finding the small items inside easier. As an avid saddle-bag user, I appreciate this level of attention to design, which really makes using the bags much more joyful and practical.

I first became acquainted with the Speedrocker mudguard at the Velofollies exhibition in Belgium. The local distributor proudly demonstrated SKS-Germany’s latest developments, the redesigned ESC Vario safety mudguard attachment. The Speedrocker is strong and lightweight, the black aluminum braces run along the top of the mudguard to leave more space for the tires. The mudguards receive a protective coating to provide longer life. The Speedrocker not only offers a very clean look, but extends the space between the mudguard and the tire, hence it can be fitted to bicycles without adequate space between the fork or seat stay blades.

The SKS Speedrocker was primarily designed for the new breed of gravel bikes. There is no need for a mudguard eyelet on the frame, as it can be installed using simple Velcro fastening straps. The Speedrocker is compatible with 32-42mm wide tires.

The Airstep combines the virtues of classic pump with the latest German technology. The smart design and the large air chamber makes inflate the tire an easy task, and the foot operated mechanism spares our waist during pumping. It is compatible with all valve types and provides up to 7 bar pressure. The strong aluminum pedal is durable, and won’t fail even under maximum pressure. Best of all, the Airstep can be folded to a small size and simply opens with a press of a button. It’ll be always be ready for use.

When inflating the tires, the rider should not forget about the correct tire pressure. The 2nd generation Airchecker SKS-Germany pressure gauge continuously displays the value, so there is no need to reinstall it after changing the tire pressure.

The “Anywhere Velocage” bottle cage can be attached to almost any part of the frame, allowing the cyclist to mount a bottle even if there is no such provision by manufacturer (e.g. on some e-bikes). It also comes in handy for those who want to carry more bottles than there is room for in the original design. It’s compatible with very large tube diameters as well, all the way to 80 mm. The mounting console of the Anywhere Velocage can also be purchased separately, allowing a different cage to be used.

The SKS DUAL bottlecage uses a new material called Polycarbon, which combines recycled carbonfibre from the automotive industry with impact-resistant polyamide. Weighing only 28g with a matt and gloss black finish, the slimline DUAL will enhance the look of any bike.

Weighing only 19g, and with a stylish matt and gloss finish, the SKS PURE bottlecage is produced from 100% carbonfibre. The Pure’s design not only holds bottles securely, but due to its straight fibre structure, as opposed to a woven structure, it is also more resistant to flex.

The number of handlebar-mounted electronic devices is on the increase. The popularity of e-bikes with its own control display makes this problem even more critical. This trend was recognized by SKS-Germany, who have answered by developing a practical mounting system called Compit. For example, the Compit telephone console occupies less handlebar space than conventional designs to allow other devices to be mounted by its side.

The basic version of Compit mount is the above-mentioned smartphone holder, which accepts a standard or even a special iphone type phone case. It attaches to the handlebar similarly to modern GPS bike computers: so all you have to do is twist and remove the device – all with a single movement.

Compit+ uses the same mounting system and adds an integrated powerbank with an NFC chip. This allows cable free charging of compatible phones – conventional cable charge remains a possibility – making it possible to spend a whole day out riding with full GPS navigation. Thanks to the NFC chip, Android phones can be pre-configured with an app to connect automatically, start the Strava, send a message to your partner or stop incoming calls while you are riding the bike.

In addition, the Compit is also available for Bosch Intuvia displays solving e-bike compatibility.

For more information, please visit the Hungarian distributor’s website and its affiliate stores.


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