KTM Winter Apparel – Warm cycle-wear to match you bike!

We were enjoying pleasant autumn weather quite late in the season, but winter suddenly hit hard this November. Many riders were not prepared for such great change in temperature, paired with gusty wind and an abundant precipitation. From one day to the next we had to change our summer cycling kit to properly warm cycle-wear.

If you haven’t realized, winter weather requires special cycling apparel to stay warm, battle the elements and be safe in low light conditions. To avoid becoming a victim of the cold weather, we made a small selection from the winter cycling apparel offered by the renowned KTM brand, acknowledged for its hi-tech bicycles and motorsport equipment.

The Austrian bike manufacturer offers a full range of summer and winter cycling apparel, the collection rivals those of specialist clothing suppliers. These fine pieces of cycle-wear are recommended to both owners of the KTM bicycles – well, for them it’s more or less “compulsory” – and also to fans of the brand and anybody who appreciates quality cycling kit at a reasonable price. This article will attempt to showcase the cold weather KTM cycling apparel by selecting some interesting garments best suited for our typical weather conditions.


KTM Factory Team AIRXW winter jacket

Quality winter clothing is essential for those who plan to ride all year around. Known all over the world for high-end bike technology, the Austrian brand makes every effort to provide their loyal followers with similarly high standard of cycling kits. Within their range is the KTM Factory Team AIRXW coat, which is designed primarily for winter riding, protecting the rider from cold, keeping the body warm even in damp and windy weather. Last but not least, it looks great and perfectly matches to the design of KTM bikes.
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KTM Factory Team XW winter bib pants

The KTM recommends this piece of apparel for the toughest winter conditions, the Factory Team XW features a windproof membrane offering great protection from even the coldest gusts. Nothing will pass through its “armor”, and the fleece lining offers effective heat insulation. Your legs get an unequaled amount of protection in harsh winter riding conditions.
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KTM Factory Team winter gloves

Anyone who rode a bike in the winter knows all too well that hands are among the most vulnerable parts of the body. If it’s cold outside, first we have to make sure that our hands are protected – especially since they take the main responsibility for bike control. So it matters greatly what kind of gloves you wear: it has to keep the hands warm, but still allow full tactile response. KTM recommends the Factory Team gloves for moderately cold weather, it’s a versatile model that can be used for any style of riding, from mild conditions down to freezing temperatures.
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KTM Factory Team winter overshoes

The KTM Factory Team overshoes offer protection to the second most vulnerable part of the cyclist body, the feet. Limbs in general receive restricted blood circulation in cold weather conditions, and some riders have notoriously cold feet even though their legs are doing plenty of hard work. A good pair of overshoes provide protection from not only low temperatures, but also the wind and the rain. The waterproof material will keep the shoes dry for quite a long time, but even when water manages to filter through, the base material still offers some insulation against the cold draught. KTM Factory Team winter overshoes are quite robust, rugged enough to make it last through many cold seasons. It’s a must-have item for winter riding.
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