Gepida 2019 – New Product Lines, Models and even an E-road Bike

The Hungarian brand renowned for its electric bicycles introduced its 2019 range at Eurobike. There are plenty of new new offering at Gepida, many models will feature hidden batteries, we will see new product lines and there is even a prototype e-road model to boot.

Gepida brings a fresh perspective to the Hungarian bicycle production, being the first local brand to start a wholehearted e-bike development. Today, this segment has gained immense popularity all over the world, and it’s nice to see such an impressive Gepida e-bike lineup even by international standards. The majority of the bikes are exported, especially to Western Europe, but they are also distributed as far way as South Africa and Australia. In this context it was no surprise to find predominantly e-bikes at the Gepida display area, with only a couple of traditional bikes as a recursion of the brand’s great traditions. This was a general trend at this year’s Eurobike, and such a leap compared to the previous years from a Hungarian manufacturer was a jaw-dropping experience. Gepida is now offering basically all types of electric bicycles, so let’s look at the new models one by one!

The Asgard Pro XT Powertube — introduced last year – will have a “little brother” in 2019, which has the same frame design as the top model, also features the integrated Powertube battery, but the new Asgard SLX 10 Powertube will be equipped with the most cost-effective Shimano SLX components to stay within a more reasonable price level.

The Alboin lineup designed primarily for trekking applications will see a complete revamp next year, utilizing a modern, stylish frame design developed at Gepida. The most noticeable change is at the bottom of the battery compartment housing the new battery the figures in almost all 2019 Gepida e-bike models. This design allows the battery to fit perfectly into the frame lines, hence providing a cleaner appearance. We will also see an Alboin Pro version, which is more akin to the Asgard’s Powertube, and equipped with SLX components. Gepida thought about women too, so all models will be available in both male and female versions for 2019.

There is also a new product like called the Fastida, which will strengthen Gepida’s position in the city and trekking bike category. These are versatile E-bikes equipped with mudguards, luggage racks and lighting, making them ideal for commuting and general city transport public, but they are also expected to handle a light weekend bike trip with ease. This product family features a fully integrated Powertube battery version beside the “semi-integrated”, so if you do not fond of looking at batteries, Fastida is ready to satisfy your demands.

Intended for the for trekking and cross segment of the market, the familiar Berig model line will also see a revamp for 2019. The frame has a new design and will be available a wider equipment and color options. Thanks to its wide tires, The Berig can be ridden on gentle trails, but the main design objective is city “e-commuting”, with all the necessary accessories for this purpose.

In addition to Asgard, the Sirmium is also a model line developed for off road use with complete face-lift for 2019. There are striking colors schemes in the range, and to illustrate this, the Pro Deore model in the picture has an irresistible blue finish that makes me really want to buy one!

We saw only older Legio displayed at Eurobike, but we learned that there will be a Legio Pro version for 2019 with a higher capacity integrated battery. The Nedao e-cruiser will not disappear from the range, it will be available with a Nexus gear hub, just like the small urban Pugio model.

There will be a few more new names on the Gepida model lineup, like the Bonum, the Crisia and the Turisind, but these models have been available before under a different name.

I intentionally left the most interesting novelty for the end. In line with the with the market trends seen at this year’s Eurobike, Gepida also introduced as an e-road bike, but for the moment in prototype form. Even though the equipment on this yet-to-be-named model may change for production, the complete package looks pretty encouraging. The battery is fully integrated in the down tube and with the addition of a slightly larger diameter and longer seat tube, this prototype resembles more a conventional road bike than a e-bike. We also noted the integrated saddle clamp, which finally has a nut that is easy to access.

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