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KTM Canic CXA Review: Mud loving all-rounder

Although most cyclist are familiar with KTM’s prestigious MTB, road bike and e-bike range, the CX/gravel line has been somewhat overshadowed at the legendary Austrian cycling brand. It’s true that KTM was not the first to respond to this new trend from overseas, but

Merida Big.Nine 500 MTB Hardtail Review: Beginners’ Luck

We’ve already tested the Merida Big.Nine series on these pages. In the case of this “500”, only the name matches, the target audience, the geometry, the price and the equipment are markedly different. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common: both Big.Nine MTBs from the

Giant Toughroad SLR GX1 bicycle review: You’ll have a hell of a ride!

I’m in a rather difficult situation reviewing this bike. Since I have just made the switch from the comfort road bike category, I know the domestic gravel bike scene like the back of my hand. And I can tell you that one of the best choices in this segment of the market and

Btwin Rockrider 560 Review: All this for such modest price?

We have received many comments from readers for not publishing reviews for Btwin bikes. We contacted the rep at Decathlon who immediately sent us four bikes representing different segments of the market and price. Now we finally had athechance to take Btwin bikes to the test camp