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Don’t leave me home! – Tern BYB P8 folding bike review

Our beloved dog loathes when the master leaves and locks the door. “He doesn’t need me? I could lead with my sense of smell and sound, provide security. And when I’m not needed, I’ll just follow my master’s footsteps or tuck away silently in the corner.” Oh, this isn’t the animal

Merida eOne-Forty 5000 review: A wasp that takes you whithersoever!

This year not only saw the complete revamp of the Merida eOne-Sixty, but also its minor sibling, the eOne-Forty. All the technology employed for the flagship eMTB was transferred to this mid-travel eMTB, the added features and the innovative high-tech approach enabled the

Bicycle Origami: Tern Verge D9 and Link A7 review

What’s the idea behind a folding bike? Its main purpose is to facilitate transporting a bike on public transport, or in any vehicle for that matter. In addition, a “folder” makes storing the bicycle a breeze, whether you’re at home, in the office for at a public place. These

New top-of-the-line gravel bike from Csepel: Let’s look into the Deepspace!

Csepel is not generally recognized as a major player in the premium segment of the bike market, but this may change with the Hungarian brand’s recently introduced gravel bike, the Deepspace. Made from quality steel tubing, equipped with highly esteemed components, this top-tier