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Bicycle Origami: Tern Verge D9 and Link A7 review

What’s the idea behind a folding bike? Its main purpose is to facilitate transporting a bike on public transport, or in any vehicle for that matter. In addition, a “folder” makes storing the bicycle a breeze, whether you’re at home, in the office for at a public place. These

New top-of-the-line gravel bike from Csepel: Let’s look into the Deepspace!

Csepel is not generally recognized as a major player in the premium segment of the bike market, but this may change with the Hungarian brand’s recently introduced gravel bike, the Deepspace. Made from quality steel tubing, equipped with highly esteemed components, this top-tier

Giant Revolt Advanced review: An irresistible recipe for a great gravel bike!

Last year saw the launch of Giant’s first true gravel bike, the Revolt Advanced. The world’s largest bike manufacturer did not for play small potatoes when introducing brand a new offering in one of the most popular segments of the current market. The Taiwanese developers

Triban RC520 review: Let’s go touring on a road bike!

The recently introduced road touring model line from Decathlon became an instant success. The Triban RC520 is the textbook popular all-rounder road bike, a very competitive offering in the budget segment of the market. This bike can be ridden equally well on main roads, county