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Cube Reaction TM Bicycle Test – It’s a “fricking” Tank!

When we were packing the test bikes in the truck to start our 700km trip to the Island of Brac in Croatia, I knew I had to get to know this beast. Not only because in the past 2 years I was the guy at the magazine who reviewed all the “plus” MTB bikes, but also

B’Twin Ultra 500 AF GF Bicycle Review: Running it to the Limit!

Would you like to have a road disc bike 300,000 HUF? It will not be easy! But there is a surprisingly good bargain model – straight from Decathlon. We’ve been getting “hot and cold” from the readers concerning the reviews of B’Twin bikes. Still we

B’Twin Ultra 900 CF Review – The road bike I would buy from Decathlon without a question!

“Bicycle from a bike shop” – so goes our advice concerning bike purchases. In this article we are going to contradict ourselves: the sports giant Decathlon’s own brand carbon frame road bike buckles the trend, providing us with a fine surprise. I did not

Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Red eTap review – The Pinnacle of Endurance Road Bikes

Combining the efficiency of professional road bike frames with enhanced ride comfort, topped by wireless shifting and disc brake technologies: this is the essence of the Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Red eTap in a nutshell! It’s not everyday that we have a chance to test