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Baddog Azawakh 30 Bike Review: It all up to the Small Details!

Last year we reviewed the top-of-the-line Baddog Azawakh 33, with a seven-figure price tag (in HUF!) and very exclusive equipment like the much thought after RS-1 suspension fork. This bike gained Bence’s approval, though he could not get along with its unusually steep head

Cube Reaction Race Review: If You Want a Proper XC Race Machine at a Good Price

For 2018, the Cube Reaction Race offers a tweaked geometry, new frame material, Boost standard, in order to provide one of the best value-for-money XC competition bike on the market. I’m in a fortunate position to of having ridden the 2017 Reaction, and now getting the

Btwin Elops 940 Review: Cheaper than Public Transport!

I enjoy when brand representatives and marketing experts take our opinions into consideration. Having seen and tested thousands of bikes in our career, I can generally tell at first glance how the bike will likely perform. That’s the reason why I picked with the Btwin Elops

KTM Revelator Alto 3300 review – Proven Engineering

This is a KTM, but where is the black or the orange? Yes, the Revelator Alto 3300 is a master of disguise, though it has nothing to hide. It follows the classic school, there is nothing redundant, it does not want to show off (except for a funky handlebar). It makes use of the