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Scott Spark RC 900 WorldCup review: The bike that helped Erik Fetter win the Junior Olympics

Nino Schurter is the rider who comes to mind when the Scott Spark is mentioned or seen. But now it’s our young talent, Erik Fetter shares his experience with the most successful full suspension XC MTB bike ever created. He’s been riding this model for the past year

SKS-Germany – New Cycling Accessories for 2019

SKS-Germany is renowned for its refined bicycle accessories, and the German company is certainly not going to disappoint in 2019. They continue to offer masterful products developed to meet current market demands and trends. Great emphasis has been placed on the gravel biking

Martombike 213 Pro Tour Jersey and 573 Pro Tour Bibshort review

The Polish manufacturer Martombike was founded in 2004 with the clear intention to provide not only another alternative to already massively crowded market place of apparel producers but to stand out of crowd with their unique design and some technical elements that distinguishes
mission jean

Mission Workshop – The Mission Jean

The growing popularity of commuter gear is omnipresent. Not only are these kind of apparel way more practical than casual one but if circumstances necessitates, they can be used in everyday life, such as in the office without offending your social surroundings. It is easy to come
ornot house bib shorts code burgundy house jersey review

Ornot House Bibs Shorts and Code Burgundy House Jersey review

It is always intriguing to review a less know product. Be it a startup company or something unfamiliar to the masses. So my first attempt with Ornot was a terra incognita for me. Ornot is proud of its domestic manufacturing, made in the USA, in fact Ornot gear is designed in San

Scott Addict Cyclocross RC long term review: An all-inclusive space rocket

Beautiful, lightweight, stable, super-fast! I could just as well line up on a cyclocross world cup race start line riding it. On the other hand, it’s also my favorite vehicle of transport. I got this fantastic rig from the K2 Bicycle Store two years back, so it’s high time to

Gonso Bozen „Bike Jeans” review

As a heavy commuter myself, it is a welcome feature to combine elegance with functionality. Gonso too jumped on the bandwagon of functional commuter clothing combined with chic appearance. Obviously the latter attribute is a subjective thing, fact is however that Gonso’s attempt

Met Trenta Carbon helmet review

MET’s relentless effort to produce sophisticated helmets for 30 years is well-manifested every time they launch a new product. The Italian producers tries to live up to its reputation being an innovator in helmet segment, thus its team pays attention not only to develop its

Lake MXZ 303 winter cycling shoes review

Cold perception is a very personal. It truly comes down to many factors, like how good is your body temperature working, is there enough blood-flow available, how intensely are doing your winter cycling. I had been on a long search for an adequate off-road sturdy cycling winter